Is there someone you feel deserves recognition for their hard work?

Have you observed an employee at the Villa family performing a kind act, going above and beyond? This is the place to commend them and let them know they’re doing a good job!

From: Nancy Newcomb – Administrator

To: All Staff

I just want to take a minute of everyone’s time to tell them that at St Mary’s Villa we have the BEST Staff around!!!
During our most recent snow storm, “Stella” the entire staff in our Skilled Building and our Personal Care Building all pulled together and made what could have been a hard situation, very manageable.
They walked through the doors with smiles on their faces, pillows under their arms and overnight bags in tow. They never complained once and simply asked, “What do you want me to do next “? Followed by; “because I’m here as long as you need me”. Some of them worked extra hours; some baked pies and some brought food items. Some picked others up and drove them to work and some had their husbands do it for us, (Mr. M). Some came with EMS drivers, but for the most part, they came, and never complained once!!
I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful team!! Thank you to our maintenance department that worked non-stop around the clock. Thank you John, Ron, Pete, John and Bob…we are so grateful for you all!! Thank you to our Marketer, Dave, who put on his boots and helped maintenance shovel out the cars of staff that were here since before the storm. Thank you nursing departments, thank you housekeeping managers, and laundry staff; thank you dietary department managers and staff, who managed to feed every staff person in both buildings around the clock in addition to their own jobs. Thank you activities director and staff, thank you human resources and social services and thank you nursing management and scheduling. Thank you to those who tried and thank you to those who failed but offered to cover time off for those who stayed and covered for them. This snow storm was a challenge but the staff here at St. Mary’s Villa, was up for that challenge!! The residents in both buildings got to really enjoy the beautiful snow fall and never had to worry about anything!! Each and every one of you made such a difference!!!
Thank you for being the BEST staff around!!!

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